What are Persona Pins?

Persona Pins are a collection of hard enamel pins based off original characters (OCs), as commissioned by their owners. We create everything from D&D characters to any kind of original character you can think of - humans, demons, angels, and everything in between.

When slots open, you can become part of the Persona Pins family by commissioning your character as a Pin. Because these are a collection, your order is entirely handled by us - artwork production by our collection artist Summer, manufacturing, and shipping directly to you. It's all inclusive!

If you have a furry character, be sure to check out our sister company, FursonaPins.

The Persona Pins Community

Persona Pins has a community of enamel pin loving fans that are collecting pins of their characters, trading them, and selling them amongst each other. If you're not sure what you would do with fifty copies of your pin, don't worry! The community would love to collect your pin.

You can join our community by visiting our Telegram Group, where members trade and sell their pins and discuss plans for their upcoming pins.

Custom Pins

Interested in joining the Persona Pin family with your own custom made pin? The below is an all-inclusive price, including artwork and US shipping, for your new Persona pin.

$ 185 /USD

$3.70 per pin
  • 50 Pins of Your Character

$ 215 /USD

$2.87 per pin
  • 75 Pins of Your Character

$ 265 /USD

$2.65 per pin
  • 100 Pins of Your Character

$ 385 /USD

$1.93 per pin
  • 200 Pins of Your Character

International Shipping is available but is based off the actual cost of shipping. Estimates are usually $25 for First Class International and $50 for Priority Mail International.